The SynErgy 8000

A Better Touchless Clean

1200 psi high-pressure contouring touchless wash system with overlapping spray jets. The contouring high-pressure wash bar moves in close to better clean windshields and the backs of vans and SUVs. The patented power nozzles not only clean better but also use less water than traditional high-pressure nozzles.

CarLite Polishes and Cleans

Soft Foam CarLite gentle cleans and polishes the vehicle. The overlapping tall wash arms clean the front and back of all vehicles twice. Working on the hard to clean insects and road film. The extra tall arms and wrap around action insures a clean rear window on vans and SUVs. Karcher programming allows for the same CarLite Foam to be used on the exclusive Polish Pass while applying Clear Coat Protectant or Wax. Finishing the wash with spectacular results.

Wheel Scrub with Rotating High Pressure Blaster

A Karcher exclusive, the wheel scrubbers have integrated 1200 psi high pressure blasters to remove brake dust and road grime from wheel and hub caps. The counter-rotating scrubbers clean and polish wire wheels and aluminum wheels to the delight of your customers. A Karcher exclusive that your customers will notice.

Three Color Foam

Color, Fragrance and Lights. The three-color foaming conditioner delight your customer’s senses and increase wash quality and wash revenue.

Contouring Dryer

Four (4) Powerful cost-efficient fans provide unprecedented dry quality. The contouring twin motor roof dryer eliminates water from the hood and windshield. The ducted twin motor side dryers remove water from the sides and mirror areas. Your customer will see a clean, dry and shiny vehicle.

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