Fleet-O-Matic™ 101 Delux
Wash, rinse, wax, and dry up to 50 cars per hour

The Fleet-O-Matic™ 101 Deluxe includes our most popular options - The Touch Free Air Dryer and Rocker Panel Cleaning Brushes. It delivers quality washing and drying quickly, in a tough economical package. Knowing the riggers of the application, the main components are designed within structurally reinforced full aluminum frames, using greaseless bearings, a patent pending porter resistant coupler, corrosion resistant materials and few moving parts making the unit damage resistant and easy to maintain.

Features   Specifications
Guide Rails
Provide directional guidance for vehicle through tunnel.
Modular Superstructure
Provides a compact one piece base.
Wash Solution Application System
Includes Dosatron Pumping Station attached at entrance legs to dispense chemical.
Front to Rear Two dispenser Basket Mitter
  Soft cloth cleaning for horizontal surfaces.
All-Around Washers
  Gentle front, side, and rear cleansing; Includes foamer for lubrication.
Final Rinse & Wax Arch
  Rain manifold on free-standing arch; includes Dosatron Pump to dispense chemical.
Master Control Center
  Centralized unit for all water, chemical solutions, and electrical distribution.

3 Great Cloth Choices!
Car Wash Equipment Options

We offer a great selection of car wash Permacolor™ cloth in blue, black, green, and red. We also carry Neoglide™ foam. And now, get the cleaning benefits of micro-fiber technology exclusively with SONNY'S new MicroClean material.



Car Wash Equipment Options Touch Free Air Dryer
Superior drying quality in a very limited space. Read more>>
Car Wash Equipment Options Rocker Panel Cleaning Brush
Additional cleaning power for rocker panels. Read more>>
Car Wash Equipment Options Spinner Wheel Cleaning System
High pressure oscillating washer cleans wheels unlike anything else in the market.
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Car Wash Equipment Options Wheel Application System
Save labor with our automatic wheel dressing applicator.
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Car Wash Equipment Options Pump Station
Increase car wash performance and speed with our exclusive pump station available in single or double configurations.
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